About us


CebuCake.com is a leading online cake shop in Cebu. As a cake shop, we deliver beautiful and delicious cakes to our customers. As an online shop, we take the hassle of going to a physical store just to place an order.

Our team has years’ worth of experience when it comes to providing you, our dear customers, with the cakes you need. Your utmost satisfaction is what we are after. Therefore, we make an effort to provide you with topnotch customer service by addressing your specific needs and delivering your orders on time.

Our Products

  • Cakes

CebuCake.com takes pride in our cakes. We understand that cakes are centerpieces for any celebration, may it be a birthday or anniversary, among others. Providing cakes for any occasion is our specialty.

You can choose from a wide assortment of cakes from different names in the cake industry. These include Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, which are household names when it comes to cakes. At the same time, there are different flavors of cakes you can choose from. These include chocolate, mocha, chiffon, vanilla, and a whole lot more!


  • Flowers

Our team does not only provide cakes for our customers. We also deliver fresh flowers! Sending a bouquet to a celebrant is indeed a thoughtful action.


All of our flowers are fresh, vibrant, and beautiful. We get all of our supplies straight from flower farms. This way, we can ensure the freshness of our bouquets. Our staff is adept at making flower arrangements that can make your recipients watch in awe!


  • Chocolates

Let us not forget about chocolates. We also pride ourselves on delivering quality chocolates of different known brands. Choose from a vast selection of sweets for your loved ones!


  • Our Delivery Areas 

Distance should not keep you from letting your recipients know how much they mean to you. Through our delivery service, you can send cakes, flowers, or chocolates to your dear ones.

We deliver to the different cities, towns, and municipalities within Cebu. We also handle deliveries to anywhere within the Philippines.


  • Why Buy from CebuCake.com?

 With other cake shops out there, why should you buy from us? We are confident that we can give you what you need because of the following:

Our expertise in handling processes relevant to preparing and sending cakes, flowers, or chocolates to customers enables us to serve you well.

  • High-quality products. From mouth-watering cakes to beautiful bouquets and yummy chocolates, we have them all! Quality is of the utmost importance to us. You can expect only the best from the best!
  • Timely delivery. While the phrase “Better late than never” has its merits, giving the cake, flower, or chocolate on the day of the event is always best. We take note of your preferred date of delivery and send your gifts to your dear ones on that day!
  • Affordable prices. When we say affordable, it is affordable! Sending cakes to those dear to you should not break the bank. At CebuCake.com, we ensure that affordability does not compromise quality.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 With our capabilities and expertise, we guarantee your satisfaction with our products! CebuCake.com looks forward to serving you!